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Reviewing Progress in Test Series

Reviewing course progress is a great way to check your progress. This allows you to understand your areas of weakness and develop yourself accordingly. The analytics gives a detailed description of the speed and parts of the course where you may lack and where you excelled.

Click on Test Series from the panel above.

Select the Test Series you wish to review.

Here you may find all the necessary details about the test series.

A summary of the test series may be found just below the name of the test series.

Test series contents are also available and display the order of the assessment you’ll attend.

Learnings of the test series are made available under what you’ll learn.

Under Analytics Overview, click Analytics.

This bar displays the overview of your progress.

The overview is displayed by comparing your progress with the topper and the class average. This helps you better understand your position in your class.

Test series completion: Displays the percentage of completion of the series.

Accuracy: Displays the percentage of your accuracy while attempting the questions.

Practice Hour(s): Time spent practicing by attempting various questions throughout the test series.

The graph below shows the result subject-wise; you may change the subject using the drop-down.

The graph compares your progress with the Test series topper and the average test series result.

The chart at the left displays your rank. Rank is calculated based on the score you obtain by attempting various questions in the test series.

The chart on the right display your answer distribution based on the category of question, such as MCQs, FIB, Descriptive, and Coding.

Blue/green describes right/wrong attempts, respectively.

Yellow means missed refers to the question you may have missed while attempting, maybe because of time outs.

Red means skipped and referred to the questions that you haven’t attempted.

Purple means partial used to refer to descriptive questions which need to be evaluated by the teacher.

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