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Creating a proctored assessment.

Assessments are a great way for students to revise their learnings and develop a clear understanding of the topic.

Having an assessment proctered adds an extra line of security and transparency. Students attempting proctered assessment are less likely to be involved in malpractices, and proctors can easily assess the behavior of the students and point at any object of suspicion by monitoring the video.


After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed; click on assessment from the top panel and choose the Draft Assessment you previously created to edit. Then, click on Settings from the menu on the left-hand side.


Under Settings:

Follow the instructions below

Time Settings: 


  • Total Time: Time allotted to complete the assessment.

  • Expiration Date: The last date to attempt the test.


Test settings:

  • Offscreen Limit: Allows you to control the number of times the student visits another window/screen/tab on their system while attempting the test.
  • Attempts Allowed: No. of times the assessment can be attempted. If kept at Zero, the assessment can be attempted infinite times.
  • Assessment View: You can select a different view (SAT/ACT/default).
  • Random questions: The questions appear in random order for students.
  • Randomise answer options: The options in the answers will also be shuffled.
  • Calculator View: You can permit students to use a calculator with Desmos/Scientific view.
  • Fraud Detect: Detect if students try to cheat.
  • Auto Evaluation: The assessment will be auto-evaluated, and the result will be generated.
  • Random Section: The Sections will be shuffled (only if sections are created).


Proctor Settings: Watch the live test progress of a student including the camera. Set start date, start time, expiration date, and expiration time on top of the start time by which a student can start the assessment.
  • Turn your assessment into proctor mode: Turning this on will make your assessment proctored where you can track your students live.
  • Turn this on to watch student live: The student must start the camera and keep it ON when taking the test.
  • Allowance Time: How late a student can start the test (after the start time).


Optional Settings:


  • Ask for feedback: Requests feedback from the students after the assessment.

  • View attempts: Allow students to view their attempts after the exam.

  • View Answers: Students can view the answers after completing the assessment.


Demographic Settings: Enabling this option allows the collection of data from students. Check on the desired field you need; you can always add new fields at labels 1&2.

Click on the Save & Next button to finish.

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