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Question Tagging

Tags can be extremely important for categorizing data and filtering from tons of information.

The same idea applies while creating questions; you may have access to a few thousand questions, but filtering them could be a tedious task if the questions are not appropriately tagged.

You may tag questions based on your categories.

Click Question Bank from the top panel.



You may use the filter options to filter the questions based on subject, unit, or topic.

You may also filter questions based on their difficulty and type, whether MCQs, FIB, Coding, etc.

You may also use other filters, such as question tags, marks, and the teacher’s name.

The teacher’s name filter is used to filter questions created by any specific teacher.

Select the questions from the list below using the check box.

Click on the Add Tag Button.

Enter the name of the question tag.

Click Add to finish.


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