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Student Classroom

Classrooms are great places to learn and interact with like-minded people. Interacting in the classroom and developing a sense of healthy competition among peers is easier.

After logging in, click on Classroom from the top panel.

Click on the classroom you wish to visit.

If you want to join a new classroom, you may do so using the unique code provided to you by your teacher/educator.

Click Join with Code (Refer to the Point in the below image) and paste the code there.

Once you open the classroom, the following window appears:



Discussions: Here, you may post/like/comment on the activities in class.

You may post any images, documents, questions for teachers, and links for resources you may want to share. (Refer to point 1 of Image-1).

You may also flag any post using the three dots if you find it inappropriate (Refer to point 2 of Image-1).

Members: You may see all the other students in the class here. You may also interact with them by messaging them.

You may also find all the teachers here and message them for any doubts and queries (Refer image below).

Folder: A list of all the files, documents, and resources uploaded by the teachers/educators will be available here.

Assignments: All the pending assignments will be available here; you may attempt the assignment by clicking on it.

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