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Institute Profile

As a director, you may want to keep your institute profile updated; this allows fellow teachers/educators and students to develop an understanding of the courses and subjects your institute teaches.

Having an updated institute profile may allow new teachers/students to join the institute.

Assuming that you’re already logged in and on your Dashboard, from the drop-down menu of your profile icon, click on My Institute.

Basic Information:

You may add the description of your Institute or maybe change its name from this page.

Institute Code is a unique code that is used for identifying your Institute on the Platform.

Upload your Institute’s logo, contact number, and email.


Make sure you add a description; it is a summary of your Institute that allows fellow teachers/educators and students to know more about it.


Under Specialization, enter the names of the subjects you’re an expert in teaching. You may add multiple specializations.

You may also add links to your social media accounts.



Here, you can personalize your Institute by adding the Institute’s cover photo and banners as well as your messages to students.


Invite Teacher:

You may want to invite your colleagues to the platform; you may do so by navigating to the Invite section using the menu on the left side of the screen.

To invite, enter their emails; you may add multiple emails.

Click Send, and they’ll receive a personalized invite to the platform.


You may select the programs you wish to teach in your Institute. You may select multiple programs. Click Save.




You may select the Home Page which is the landing page of the application after successful login by the user.


You may also turn on/off many functions for your Institute.



You may enable this feature, and it may incur costs. To enable the feature, enter the key and validate. If the key is valid, it will be saved.


Profile Summary:

Navigate to Profile Summary using the menu on the left. Here, you’ll see a summary of your Institute profile.

You may share your profile with others on the platform by clicking View Public Profile and sharing the URL.

You may also view the summary of the number of teachers, students, and programs; the active teachers and subjects in your Institute. 

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