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My EduCoins

Educoins are the coins you earn while studying and spending time on the platform.

Having Educoins allows you to redeem them for various coupons and even a paid course.

You may earn Educoins by completing micro-tasks on the platform.

Go to your Profile

Select My Educoins.

The chart at the top shows the total number of educoins you have earned.

Blue: Displays the coins available for redeeming.

Yellow: The coins which have been Redeemed.

Green: Coins that are in the process of redeeming.

Here you may also find small tasks which will earn you more Educoins.

The task may be referred to as small activities you perform on the platform; upon completion of those activities, you’ll get Educoins.

Students are expected to complete these tasks to earn Educoins. Students can get details of tasks on the “How to Earn” page.

Redeem: Here, you may redeem your earned coins for various rewards.

Click on Redeem to avail of the offer.

History: The data of Educoins will be available here. All coins that have been added and redeemed will be visible here.

Use the drop-down to see the history of any specific month.

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