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My Profile

As a teacher/educator, it is necessary to keep your profile updated.

An updated profile lets you display your achievements and lets other teachers/educators and students know about your qualifications, specializations, and other details.

Follow the steps below to understand how the profile can be updated.

After logging in, go to the dashboard’s top right corner, click on your profile picture, and click My Profile from the drop-down menu.


Image – 1

Make sure you add a description; a description is a summary of yourself that allows fellow teachers/educators and students to know more about you.

You may see how your profile appears to others on the platform by clicking on View Public Profile. {Refer Image – 1 point – 1}

The Complete your profile bar will give you a graphical representation of how much your profile has been updated.


2. Enter your Specialization in the subjects, and you may add multiple specializations.

3. Add a Profile photo and a Cover photo; you may also add links to your social media accounts.

4. Click the Save button.


1. Select the Experiences item of the My Profile menu and click the Add Experience button to add your Work Experience. You may add multiple work experiences.

2. Fill in the details:

    • Title: Your previous Job title.

    • Employment Type: Enter Full-time, Part-time, or Internship.

    • Company: Add the name of the company.

    • Location: Add the location of the company.

    • Start/End Dates: Enter the dates if you’re still working in the company and tick “I’m Currently working on this Role”.

    • Description: Add the description of the job and the duties you performed.

    • Click Save to update.

You may want to invite your colleagues to the platform; you may do so by navigating to the Invite item on the left-side menu of the screen.

To invite, enter their emails; you may add multiple emails.

Click the Send button, and they’ll receive a personalized invite to the platform.

You can also access all your posts by clicking the Your Posts item on the left menu of the screen.

To view saved posts, click the Saved Posts item on the left menu.


In addition, on the My Profile page, you can change your subjects and password, close your account, or register to become an ambassador.

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