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Mentor Dashboard

As a Mentor/Parent, you might want to keep a check on the students you are looking after. Keeping a check on the student’s work allows you to understand their progress better, and you may be able to suggest the best possible route for the student to achieve their aims.

You may wish to check their progress and give them suggestions based on the same.


Using your Dashboard, you can check the details of the students you’re mentoring.

My Students: A list of all the students you’re mentoring will be visible here. To see any student’s profile, click the student’s name to view details.

You may interact with the students directly from here. Click the Message icon beside the student’s name to open the chats and send them a text.


Students Performance: Displays the graph of the time spent by all students each day on the platform.

You may also navigate between Learning time and Practice time. Practice means the time spent giving assessments, test series, etc. While Learning means the time spent during learning, attending classes, etc.

Click Add Students to add new students to your profile using their phone numbers or email.

Pending Requests: Displays all student requests; Such requests will be visible here and you may review the student profile.

Resume Request: Students can send you their Resumes for reviewing and guiding them for improvements. Such requests will be visible here.

My Mentoring Time: Displays the graph of time you’ve spent on the platform on each date.


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