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SAT/ACT Preparation Platform

SAT/ACT Preparation Platform

Our Story



Data-driven, AI platform was conceptualized based on personal experience & challenges in preparing for competitive exams.



First version of Perfectice launched; First customer put trust in us


Major Win

Large Indian university (with 30K+ students) onboarded


New Avatar

We completely redesigned the user interface based on our learning & customer feedback from 5 years



Entered US market to help students prepare for SAT/ACT efficiently using data & analytics

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SAT & ACT Preparation Platform | HighScores

The SAT is a standardized exam that assesses students’ mathematical, English reading, and writing abilities in preparation for college study abroad. The exam is intended to assist institutions in benchmarking candidates’ intellectual capacity from various educational systems worldwide on a single standardized platform.

Only some students can afford private tuition to prepare for college admission examinations, and with HighScores’s SAT & ACT Preparation Platform, they no longer have to. Our SAT & ACT Preparation Platform helps students achieve the highest grand for SAT and ACT examinations.

We’ve created a world-class tool for our teachers to share with progress of students with parents to ensure that student’s progress is viewed 360 degree and students receive timely and intervention.

We have achieved the finest SAT results in the world. Our success rate is the greatest in the industry. Our SAT & ACT Preparation Platform has the most up-to-date content and supplies all necessary SAT exam preparation materials.

HighScores has devised a standardized procedure and methodology to prepare our students for the SAT and ACT exam. Our SAT & ACT Preparation Platform is constantly striving to improve our methods in order to provide the Best SAT Results globally.