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Attempting a Section-Adaptive Assessment

Section adaptive assessments simulate the SAT exam experience, providing students with a familiar testing environment. These assessments feature screens and tools identical to those found in the actual SAT exam, ensuring students are comfortable and confident on test day.

How Do Section Adaptive Assessments Work?

Section adaptive assessments use a two-module approach to adapt to student performance. After completing Module 1, which contains standard difficulty questions, students’ performance is assessed. Depending on their performance, students are directed to either an easier or harder Module 2.

To attempt a section-adaptive assessment, follow the steps given below:-

1. Assuming you are already logged in as a student, and on the assessment page, navigate down to “Digital SAT Full-Length Adaptive Assessment’ or “Digital SAT Section-wise Adaptive Assessments” panel. You will find a list of assessments that your teacher has assigned in the classroom.

2. Click on view details to open an assessment.

3. The following window will be displayed. Click on Take Assessment to attempt an assessment.

4. Read the examiner’s instructions and click on Ready to start attempting an assessment. If you wish to go back, click on “Take me Back,” and you will land on the assessment home page.