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SAT Preparation Software

SAT Preparation Software

Our Story



Data-driven, AI platform was conceptualized based on personal experience & challenges in preparing for competitive exams.



First version of Perfectice launched; First customer put trust in us


Major Win

Large Indian university (with 30K+ students) onboarded


New Avatar

We completely redesigned the user interface based on our learning & customer feedback from 5 years



Entered US market to help students prepare for SAT/ACT efficiently using data & analytics

Sat Test Preparation Software

SAT Preparation Software | HighScores

Our SAT Preparation Software is the immaculate way to get started on exam prep for both the ACT and the new digital SAT. Our dynamic and easy-to-use SAT Preparation Software is the perfect blend of instruction, strategy, revision, and assessment for students who are just getting started.

Our most experienced teachers teach small groups in our Bootcamps, and each student receives personalized coaching and feedback throughout the week. Our SAT Preparation Software not only teaches the precise strategies required for this new online format but also imparts our professional understanding of the new question types and response procedures, equipping students to face the new adaptive format confidently.

Mobile educational applications may be used frequently for various levels of learning, making things easier to comprehend. Our decent SAT Preparation Software can guide students through multiple sections of the exam while also delivering relevant knowledge. The most outstanding SAT Preparation Software functions similarly to a personal study buddy because it facilitates learning and allows you to track your progress.