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Director Dashboard

The dashboard is a great way to get updated with the statistics of your institute. The dashboard comprises multiple subjects/units that give statistical updates about the students, their performance, and much more.

The block on the top of the Dashboard defines the Total Students, Teachers, Courses, Attempts, and Live Tests. The number in blue indicates the total value, while the numbers in green indicate(refer to point 2) the increase in these numbers in the past 15 days.

To view the data of any particular year, use the year drop-down menu. (refer to point-1).


Login Trend: Details about students’ login activity over the past seven days.


Average Time spent in Course: Details about the average time students spend on a particular course. You may choose a particular subject using the drop-down menu.

Students’ attempts: Details about the number of attempts students take. You may also download this data in CSV/Excel format file by clicking on the menu bar on the top right side of the graph.

Student Onboarding: It shows the status count of students onboarded on the platform. Shows how many students have logged in to the platform, how many students have taken the attempt, and how many don’t login into the platform.

Students’ attempt Test Series: Details about students’ attempts in the test series. You may change the subject using the drop-down menu. (Refer to point 2)

Questions Added: This shows the number of questions added by the teacher.

Post Trend: Tells about the new posts posted across the last 30 days by users.

Most attempted Students: This shows the list of students with the most attempts.

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