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Director Dashboard

The dashboard is a great way to get updated with the statistics of your institute. It comprises multiple subjects/units that give statistical updates about students, their performance, and much more.

The block on the top of the Dashboard defines the Total Students, Teachers, Courses, Attempts, and Live Tests. The number in blue indicates the total value, while the numbers in green indicate (refer to point 2) the increase in these numbers in the past 15 days.

To view the data of any particular year, use the year drop-down menu. (refer to point 1).


Login Trend: Daily count of student logins over the past 30 days to track engagement and participation.


Student Onboarding Status: It shows the status count of students onboarded on the platform. The breakdown of students who were invited or added to the platform shows whether they joined and are active.



Student Attempt Trend: Track the number of unique attempts with respect to the number of active students in the last 90 days to understand the assessments in use.


Top 10 Most Abandoned Assessments: Assessment with the highest number of abandoned attempts in the past 90 days.



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