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SAT/ACT Test Prep Services

SAT/ACT Test Prep Services

Our Story



Data-driven, AI platform was conceptualized based on personal experience & challenges in preparing for competitive exams.



First version of Perfectice launched; First customer put trust in us


Major Win

Large Indian university (with 30K+ students) onboarded


New Avatar

We completely redesigned the user interface based on our learning & customer feedback from 5 years



Entered US market to help students prepare for SAT/ACT efficiently using data & analytics

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SAT & ACT Test Prep Services | HighScores

HighScores delivers SAT & ACT Test Prep Services to help students crack the exam. We provide SAT & ACT Test Prep Services for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels and interview and leadership seminars and workshops. Our SAT & ACT Test Prep Services aims to improve your reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills.

We examine each student individually at HighScores to create a program that works for them. We provide online SAT & ACT Test Prep Services to teach students how to thrive effectively throughout their academic careers.

Effective course design, customization, excellent teaching, and inspired leadership are part of our pedagogical system. We think that educational accomplishment will produce future leaders and remarkable members of society.

Our SAT & ACT Test Prep Services address both subject and test-taking tactics to help students master every sort of question on the four components of the exam, which include Math, English, Science, and the Essay part. These ideas show students how to use specific tactics to improve their scores and finish the test on time. Our SAT & ACT Test Prep Services guarantee they are of high quality in terms of content and training. We give cutting-edge strategy and content review. We work with seasoned, top-tier teachers who are well-versed in the ACT.