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We think that by providing every student with practical, inexpensive, and exciting ACT Preparation Software, we can level the playing field. Our primary goal at HighScores is to strengthen the nation’s digital skills capabilities and industrial capacity and to inspire the next generation of technology professionals.

We bring together various folks with common interests in order to network and develop a flourishing tech community to make a difference.

At HighScores, we deliver the ACT Preparation Software that has everything you need to succeed on the ACT. Our ACT Preparation Software is the only study resource that includes official practice questions and detailed explanations for all parts of the ACT, delivering maximum practice in one handy package—and saving you money on prep.

We’ve created one of the most outstanding ACT Preparation Software available to help you improve as rapidly as possible. Our instructional videos and practice questions are evaluated and updated on a regular basis based on performance data from thousands of test takers, ensuring that you are constantly receiving the most relevant and up-to-date content available. We won’t bombard you with questions; instead, we make each one count.

Our Story



Data-driven, AI platform was conceptualized based on personal experience & challenges in preparing for competitive exams.



First version of Perfectice launched; First customer put trust in us


Major Win

Large Indian university (with 30K+ students) onboarded


New Avatar

We completely redesigned the user interface based on our learning & customer feedback from 5 years



Entered US market to help students prepare for SAT/ACT efficiently using data & analytics