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Creating a Test Series

Test series are a great way to check students’ progress. The test series consists of multiple questions, and attempting them develops students’ cognitive abilities.

Attempting a test series also allows students to develop an understanding of their knowledge and sheds light on the areas of improvement.

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed. Click on Test Series on the top panel.

Creating a Test Series
Refer this image
  • Next, click on Create Test Series
  • Enter the details of the course

Enter the Details

Enter the Details:

  • Test Series Name
  • Subject Name, you can select multiple subjects from the drop-down menu.
  • Summary of the Test Series
  • You can add the test series cover picture using drag-drop or upload it from your system.
course description
Enter the details
  • Description: Write the course description.
  • Test Series Includes: Tells about what the series comprises.
  • Owners: You can add multiple owners who will have access to the test series
Access mode
Read the Instructions below

Level: Tells who can attend the course.

Access mode:

  • Public: The course will be available to everyone
  • Private: The course will only be available in your chosen classrooms. You can choose the classrooms from the drop-down menu.
  • Buy: The assessment will require to be bought before one can attempt it.
    • Individual Price: It is the price at which it’ll be available for students to buy
    • MarketPlace: The price at which other teachers/institutions can buy your assessment.

Enable ordering:

  • Enabling this feature will allow students to attempt in order.
    • For example, Students can attempt chapter Two, of course, only if they finish Chapter One and so on.
  • When Disabled: Students can attempt the course chapters in any order.

Duration: Enter the days/hours the test needs to be completed.

Course Video: If there’s any video detailing the course, the link of that video should be pasted here.

Enable Code Languages: It defines the programming languages needed for the test series. Multiple languages can be selected.

Upload the test series picture and click on Save/Publish

Now Select the assessment from the list which you want to add to the test series from the Assessment page

Congratulations!!! Your Test Series is now ready to use.

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