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Duplicate Assessment

Creating an assessment is a task, especially when two assessments are closely alike.

You may need a similar or even a duplicate assessment for educating purposes. Or you may want an assessment with similar settings as the previous ones.

You can escape the task of creating a new assessment again by duplicating the existing ones.

Click Assessment from the top panel.

Choose the assessment you wish to duplicate.

You may duplicate the assessment in two ways; first, you may save them again with a different name. To do so:

Click on Save As.


Enter the name of the new Assessment.

Click on Save.

The other way is to download the excel template of the existing assessment and upload it back to the system. To do so:

Click on Download. (Refer Image – 1 Point – 1)

Once downloaded, change the Assessment name and upload it on the Assessment page.

Click on Upload Assessment to upload the excel file. (Refer to Image-2 Point – 1)

Upload the file directly from the system or use the Drag-drop feature.

Note: The assessment name should be unique in the sheet.

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