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Upload Questions using Word Template

Assessments carry a variety of questions, and creating questions one by one could be a tedious task.

To resolve this problem, we suggest using word templates that can be used to add questions to the platform without spending much time with easy steps.

Follow the steps below to create questions using a Word template.

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed; click on Assessment from the top panel.

Click on Word Template to download the file or use any word file.

Image – 1

Filling the template

An empty word sheet will be downloaded. Open the Sheet on your system.

Follow the steps below to fill out the sheet.

A filled-out sheet will appear like this.

Use @ to mark any headings. Refer to the image above with each Instruction.

@title: It is used to give a name or title for the assessment. Note the title should always be unique.

@question: It is used to describe the question. The question is created using @question, followed by the question itself. @question is used to create MCQs and Descriptive Questions.

If you may want to create a Fill in Blank type of question, instead of using @question to describe the question, you should use @questionfib followed by the question.

@difficulty: enter easy, or moderate, or hard.


@section: Write the name of the section where the question belongs.


@order: Order is the serial number in which the question will appear.

@option: It refers to the option(s) given for the answer. To describe the right option/answer, use @@option followed by the correct option. As many as ten options can be added. (Options are only there for MCQs.)

For marking the answer to a Fill in Blank question, type the answer next to the question in this format {{answer}}. Refer to the image below.


Refer to this image for Fill in Blank questions

@instruction: Used to give instructions for solving the question.

@subject: Name of the subject, the name of the subject should correspond with any of the names listed in your Insitute and on the platform.

@topic: The name of the topic should correspond with the topic inside the subject.

@unit: The name of the unit should correspond to any added unit in the topic.

@plusmarks: The allotted marks will be awarded for the correct answer.

Now save the file and upload the file to the platform. (refer to the image below)

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