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Learning Assessment

Learning assessments are the best for revisions; the unique thing about learning mode assessment is that the answers to each question are displayed right after you submit them.


This allows you to quickly interpret your mistakes and note them so you won’t repeat them.


Assuming that you’re already logged in and on your Dashboard. Click on Assessment from the top panel.


Choose the Assessment you wish to attend; assessments with learning mode enabled will have the tag of learning on them. (Refer to the image below).



The assessment details, such as the Total Marks and the subjects included, will be available here.


Click Take Assessment.



A new window will prompt, Click Ready to Start.



You may choose the answer by clicking on the option.


The Timer and Finish buttons to end the assessment are at the top right of the screen.


You may also use your screen as a whiteboard for rough work using the marker button.


The dots in front of Difficulty tells the difficulty level; one dot means easy, two means moderate, and three means hard.


Click on Save & Next to see the answer.


Read Instructions below


The option in green is the correct answer, and if your selected option is red, that means it is wrong.


Click Next to move to the next question.


Finish the Assessment by clicking on Finish on the top.


Once you finish the assessment, you may check your performance report.


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