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Attempt a Course

Courses are a great way to structure the learning path. A course allows you to learn the subject in a structured way, along with the guidance of teachers/educators. A course may consist of multiple subjects/units and is specifically designed to improve your knowledge, and attempting them develops your cognitive abilities.

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed. Click on Course from the top panel.

Select the course you wish to attempt.

Here you may find all the necessary details about the course.

image 1

A summary of the course may be found just below the name of the course.

Course contents are also available and display the order of topics you’ll be learning. It shows the whole curriculum of the course.

Learnings, of course, are made available under what you’ll learn.

Click on Go to Course to start the course. (Refer to point 1 of image-1)

The course contents will be displayed on the menu on the left side of the screen. You may skip to sections (if made available by the teacher) using the menu.

image 2

To answer the mcq questions, click on the option and check the answer. (Refer to point 5)

You may check your analytics directly from here also. (Refer to point 1 of image-2)

Downloading weekly reports of your progress can also be done. (Refer to point 2 of image-2)

If you have any doubts, you may always ask the teacher by directly messaging them (Refer to point 3 of image-2)

The discussion bar at the bottom can be used to type in any topics you wish to discuss with the teacher and fellow students.

To provide any necessary feedback for the course, you may do so by clicking on the feedback panel(Refer to point 4)

The menu at the left can be used to jump from one topic to another.

The Icons of the topic will help you determine the content category, like learning videos or quizzes.

The icon in green color reflects that topic has been marked completed.

To access a video click on the video topic from the menu on the left.

Play the video by clicking on it.

The Summary of the video is given below the video.

If you want to ask doubts or questions, you can post in the discussion; you may do so by clicking on Discussion.

Click Mark as Complete to move to the next topic.

You may also find notes in the course.

The Summary of the notes will be available below.

The optional tag on the menu(refer to the point) means that you may also move ahead in the course without seeing the notes.

The assessments may also be available in the course.

To attempt an assessment, click Take Assessment.

Once the assessment starts, click on finish to end the assessment.

Click here to learn more about how to attempt an assessment.

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