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Create a Section-wise Assessment

In Section-wise assessments, multiple sections can be created based on unit/topics. This helps students to get a better understanding of the questions which fall under each section. This also allows the students to get clarity on units/topics which need more practice.


A good time to give such assessments to students will be prior to examinations to help students develop a better understanding of their preparations.

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed; click on Assessment from the top panel and choose to Create/Edit assessment.

Click on Settings from the menu on the left-hand side.

In Section, Select Enable Section.


Click on Settings from the menu on the left hand side



Write the name of the section. Add the desired number of sections by clicking on Add Section.

You can edit the question section on the question page.

Enter the Time to complete the Section. The time should be in minutes.

Enter the number of Optional Questions. Students can choose from the available set of questions, they can either attempt all questions or skip the optional questions.

Enable Allow Calculator option if the section requires calculator operations.


Click on cross button(x), to delete any section.

Click on Save & Next.


Add Section


Grouping Questions to each Section:

In the side menu, click on Questions. {Refer to point 1}

Expand the details of questions using the drop-down{Point-2}

Edit the Section option, and write the section name where you want to add that question. {Refer to point-3}

Click on Questions using the side menu

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