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Attempting an Assessment

Assessments are a great way to revise your learning and develop a clear understanding of the topic. Assessments are usually given after finishing a certain unit/topic in a subject.

Attempting an assessment enhances your cognitive performance.

Assuming that you’re already logged in and on your Dashboard, Click on the Assessment from the top panel.

You may filter the assessments based on the subject names given on top.

Click on View Details to attempt the assessment.

The following window will be displayed:

Details of the chosen assessment will also be available here.

You may see the Total marks the assessment carries.

Question Distribution displays the questions count from each subject.

The question Distribution by Category displays the type of question, i.e., MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, Descriptive, Coding, etc.

Attempts: A list of all the previous attempts and the attempts you may take for this assessment will be displayed here.

Click on Take Assessment to start.

Click on Ready to Start.

To answer the question, click on the appropriate option you may find correct.


You may see the timer and Finish button to end the assessment at the top of the screen. (Refer to point 1 of the above image)

You may also use your screen as a whiteboard to do rough work using the marker. (Refer to point 2)

If you find any question incorrect/inappropriate, you may always report it by clicking on Report and sharing your feedback.

The box at the right side of the screen(Refer to point 3) displays the question numbers and your answer to each question.

The color coding for the same is given above it (Refer to point 5)

Question numbers are displayed in the following color:

White: Initially, they’re white in color, meaning you haven’t visited the question.

Green: Questions have been answered.

Red: The question is left unattempted.

Blue: The question is marked for review.

Blue with a green dot: The question is answered and marked for review; this will be considered for evaluation.

After answering the question, you may choose between Mark for Review and Save & Mark for review. (Refer to point 4)

If you’re unsure about the answer and want to recheck later during the test, then Mark for review is the option for you.

If you’re sure of the answer and want it to be considered for evaluation, click Save & Mark for Review.

Clear: It allows deleting your choice.

Click Save and Next to move to the next question.

Finish the Assessment by clicking on Finish on the top.

Once you finish the assessment, you may check your performance report.

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