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Interacting with Students

As a teacher/educator interacting with students is extremely necessary. Students may want to ask doubts or may have queries. And having a space to interact with them personally allows a clear understanding of doubts, and resolving them is easier.

You may interact with any student from Dashboard only.

Visit the student’s profile by clicking on the name of the student.

Interacting with Students

On the Student profile, click on Message.

click on Message

Contacts: This is the inbox where all the interactions are stored. You may message anyone by clicking on their name from the contact list.


If you want to interact with any student from any classroom, you may do so by visiting the classroom.


Click on Classroom from the top panel.

Choose the classroom from the list of available classrooms

Click on Classroom

Click on Members using the menu on the left side of the screen.

Choose the student you want to interact with and click on the Message.

Click on Members

To access Contacts directly, click on Chats.

Here you’ll find all the recent interactions, and you may reply to them by clicking on the contact you choose to reply.

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