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How to use Question Bank

Question Banks are a great way to group/store/categorize questions of similar complexities/topics/units/subjects. Using a question bank gives you the flexibility of using a similar set of questions or some existing questions from an earlier made set.

Questions from question banks are used during assessment creation, test creation, course creation, etc. Question banks ease the work and save time by allowing you to reuse saved questions.

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed; click on Question Bank from the top panel.

You can Create questions from scratch, Upload questions from your system. Alternatively, you can use an existing set of questions for your Question bank.

If you opt for using an existing set of questions, Filters can be really helpful.


to create questions
Refer to the instructions below on How to use Filters

Select the Subject from the drop-down menu; you can only select one subject at a time.

Select Units and Topics from that subject; you can select multiple topics and units simultaneously.

Complexity: To filter questions based on the Complexity of existing questions.

Question Tags: Questions associated with any specific tags you enter will be filtered and displayed.

Questions can also be shortlisted based on the Teachers.

Marks: Filters questions based on the number of marks entered.

Click on Filter to get the list of questions.

how to create questions
A list of questions will appear on clicking Filter.

To choose a question from the list, select the tick box on that question.

Select the Subject from the drop-down menu

To know more about a question, click on the question, and the details about the question will roll out.

Click on Load more for more questions.

tick box

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