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Connect with Mentors

Mentors are very necessary to guide you toward your success.

A mentor may be highly invested in the knowledge/skillset you wish to pursue. Having a mentor helps you clear your self-doubts, and they may assist you in achieving your goals.

Click on Mentors on the top panel.

Here you may find the list of available mentors to send requests.

Click on Pending Requests.

Here a list of mentors whom you have sent a request will be available.

Here you may find the names of mentors who accept your request.

You may use this place to navigate your mentor’s profile or interact with them through chat/message once they accept your request.

You may also invite mentors to the platform by sending them personalized mail. To do so, enter their email address and click on Invite.

Alternatively, you may also use the phone number of the mentor.

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