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Test Series Settings

Test series are a great way to check student’s progress. The test series consists of multiple questions, and attempting them develops students’ cognitive abilities.

You may change or update Test Series settings.

Creating a Test Series
Refer this image

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed. Click on Test Series on the top panel.

Click on Setting from the menu on the left side of the screen.

You may make changes in any of the following fields:

Test Series name: The name that is visible to everyone.

Users Screen

Summary: Brief detail of the test series; appears below the test series name on the user’s screen. {Refer to point-1 in the image above}

Test series Includes: Tells students what they will learn after attempting this test series. Every new line is considered a different point and appears in bullets on the user’s screens. It is suggested to write small and precise points under this section for ease of reading to the user. {Refer to point-2 in the image above}

Description: The test series’s description contains the need to attempt the series and how beneficial it is. It is suggested to write a detailed description covering all the aspects of the Test Series.

Owners: Owners are the teachers/educators who will have access to the contents and analytics of the test series. To add an owner, type in their name.

Tests allowed per day: Defines the number of attempts a user can take in a day.

Access Mode: You may also change the access mode; of course, there are various modes to choose from:

Public: The course will be available to everyone

Note:- Settings can only be edited when the test series is in draft mode.

Private: The course will only be available in your chosen classrooms. You can choose the classrooms from the drop-down menu.

Buy: The assessment will require to be bought before one can attempt it.

Level: Tells who can attend the course.

  • Open means anyone, irrespective of their qualification, can attempt the course.
  • School/Bachelor/Master refers to the minimum qualification needed to take the course.

Enable ordering:

  • Enabling this feature will allow students to attempt in order.
    • For example, Students can attempt chapter Two, of course, only if they finish Chapter One and so on.
  • When Disabled: Students can attempt the course chapters in any order.

Course Video: If there’s any video detailing the course, the link of that video should be pasted here.

Enable Code Languages: It defines the programming languages needed for the test series. Multiple languages can be selected.

Upload the test series picture and click on Save/Publish

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