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Proctored Assessment

Proctored assessments add an extra layer of security. While attempting a proctored assessment, you are constantly under vigilance and are being monitored.

Attempting a proctored assessment gives a sense of the actual exam and is the best way to practice and cool off your nervousness.

Assuming that you’re already logged in and on your Dashboard, Click on Assessment from the top panel and choose to create/edit assessment.

Choose the Assessment you wish to attend; proctored assessments will have a Proctor tag over them (Refer to the image below).

Click View Details to see the details and attempt the assessment.

A new window will open where you may find other details about the assessment.

The details include, Total marks assessment carries, subjects included in the assessment, and question distribution by subjects and category(MCQs, Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, Coding).

Click on Take Assessment to start.

Permit to turn on the camera and take a clear picture for the verification process.

Click Ready to Start.

At the top, you may see your image constantly being monitored.

You may see the Timer and Finish button to end the assessment at the top of the screen.

Click here to learn how to attempt it.

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