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Check Student Progress

As a Mentor or Parent, you might want to keep a check on the students you are looking after.

You may wish to check their progress and give them suggestions based on the same. Keeping a check on the student’s work allows you to understand their progress better and also allows students to stay disciplined.

Assuming you’re already logged in and on your Dashboard. Scroll down to My Students, and click on the student’s name to view details.

On the top, you may see the overview of your student.

Tests: Total number of tests attempted by the students.

Attempts: Total attempts made in all the categories, i.e., test series, assessments, and courses.

Accuracy: Refers to the percentage of correct answers to all the questions attempted; the number displays the accuracy of all the attempts.

Question: Defines the total number of questions attempted in all the categories.

Speed: Refers to the time taken in attempting one question. It shows the Average speed per question.

The graph displays the time spent by students each day on the platform. You may choose between learning and practice times. (Refer to the image below, point 1)

Practice means the time spent giving assessments, test series, etc. Learning means the time spent during learning, attempting courses, reading notes, studying pdfs, videos, etc.

Daily Goal: You may set the number of questions to be solved by the student as their daily goal.

The graph shows the number of questions attempted on each day. The topmost line of the chart signifies the daily goal limit.

Click on Edit to change the limit.

You may interact with the students directly from here. Click Message to open the chats and send them a text. (Refer to the image below, point 2)

To see the student’s calendar, click Student Calendar(Refer to the image below, point 2)

Using the student’s calendar, you may see their schedule, upcoming assessments, test attempts, etc.


You may see the list of all the courses and test series the student is enrolled in.

You may also see the assessment attempted by the student.

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