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Conducting Proctored exams in Classroom

Monitoring students while conducting an exam is required to avoid any conduct malpractices.

With the use of the proctored feature, you may keep an eye on the students attempting the exams.

Follow the steps below to learn how to conduct an exam:

To conduct a proctered exam in a classroom, you’re required to create a private assessment of the proctored type.

Creating Assessment

To create an assessment, click on Create Assessment under the Assessment page.

Enter the details, such as name, subject, and units.

Once the assessment is created, navigate to the settings of the assessment.

Under settings, visit Access&Type.

Under the Access mode, choose Private.

Once you choose private, you might have to add the classrooms. Add the classrooms using the drop-down menu. You may add multiple classrooms. The assessment will be visible in those classrooms.

And under the Delivery mode, choose Proctored.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to create a proctored assessment.

Proctoring Students

Once the assessment is created, navigate back to the dashboard.

Click on LiveBoard from the top panel, and the name of the upcoming assessment will be visible.

Click here to see in details.


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