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Checking Student’s performance

Assuming that you’re already logged in and on your Dashboard, click on Classroom from the top panel.

Choose the classroom in which the student is added.

Click Members from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Click on View Progress for any student.

Students’ details will be available here.

Overall Rank: Rank of the student in the class; you may filter the rank according to the subjects using the drop-down menu.

Progress: The data here shows students’ progress in various test series and course attempts. Each of the charts allows you to compare your performance. With the topper and the average of the classroom

The graphs here show students’ strengths and weaknesses subject-wise. The comparison is stated with their performance, class toppers’ performance, and average performance of the class. You may filter this subject-wise using the drop-down menu.

Marks: Shows the graphical representation of students’ marks in all the subjects.

Analysis of Time wastage: Time wastage is the measure of extra time than the average the student gives while solving any problem, yet not getting it correct. The graph shows the total time wasted by the student subject-wise. You may change the subjects using the drop-down.


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