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Elevating Your Digital SAT and ACT Prep: Exciting New Features Released!


At HighScores, we believe in constantly improving our platform to make your SAT and ACT preparation journey smoother and more effective. Based on valuable feedback from our community, we’re excited to introduce some new features that will help students identify their weak areas, manage their time better, and gain deeper insights into their performance.

Accommodations for Extra Time: Leveling the Playing Field

In line with the official SAT guidelines, we’ve introduced a feature that grants eligible students additional time on their tests. This crucial accommodation ensures that all students, regardless of their individual needs, have a fair chance to showcase their abilities. The best part? This adjustment is made at the student level, eliminating the need for you to configure it for each test.

Control Over Test Results: Empowering Educators

Teachers now have the power to manage the visibility of test results and answers to students post-test. This means that students can’t immediately view their results after completing a test. Instead, you, as the educator, can choose when to release the results, allowing for a more controlled and meaningful review process.

Personalized Test Generation: Tailored to Each Student’s Needs

With just a click, both students and teachers can create new tests targeting specific areas of weakness based on previous test performances. This focused approach is designed to enhance performance in those areas, providing a personalized learning experience that caters to each student’s unique needs.

Summarized Answer Sheets: Streamlining Review Sessions

Teachers can now easily identify questions that were commonly missed by students, thanks to our new summarized answer sheets. These questions are organized based on the number of students who missed them, making it easier for you to address common issues in group class settings.

Insightful Option Statistics: Understanding Student Choices

Gain valuable insights with our new feature that displays the percentage of students who chose each answer option. This data helps you understand common misconceptions and tailor your instruction to address these areas effectively.

Reporting Issues on Questions: Maintaining High-Quality Content

Students can now flag questions during their tests (or on the result page post-test) to report potential issues. We promptly review and address any genuine concerns, ensuring the integrity and quality of our content. This collaborative approach helps us maintain the highest standards for our platform.

Student’s Error Log: Focused Review for Better Performance

Our “My Performance” page now features an error log where students can review all the questions they missed or answered incorrectly across all tests. This allows for a targeted review of mistakes, helping students focus on areas that need improvement without going through each test individually.

Guided Recommendations: Clear Path to Improvement

The platform now offers personalized recommendations for students’ next tests based on their current performance. This guidance removes any guesswork and keeps students on a clear path to improvement, ensuring a more efficient and effective study process.


At Highscores, we believe that every student has the potential to excel with the right tools and support. Our latest updates are designed to provide a more personalized, insightful, and efficient test preparation experience. By introducing features like question flagging, error log analysis, time accommodation, option selection statistics, assessment answer sheets, assessment preference settings, personalized test generation, and guided recommendations, we aim to empower students and teachers with the resources they need to succeed.

We understand that the journey to achieving high scores on the SAT and ACT can be challenging, but we’re here to make it a little easier and more enjoyable. These new features are a testament to our commitment to continuously improving our platform based on the feedback and needs of our valued community. We’re excited to see how these enhancements will help students identify their weak areas, manage their time more effectively, and gain deeper insights into their performance.

We believe that education is a collaborative effort, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your learning journey. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of students and educators alike. Thank you for choosing [Your Platform Name] as your partner in test preparation. Together, let’s unlock the doors to academic success and bright futures

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