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Mastering the Digital SAT: Why Highscores is Your Ultimate Preparation Tool?

With the shift to the digital realm for the SAT in 2023, the landscape of test preparation has undeniably transformed. Enter “highscores,” an edtech platform tailored to meet the unique demands of the Digital SAT. But what makes highscores the front-runner in Digital SAT prep?


With the College Board’s SAT all set to go online in 2023, selecting the right preparation for the new digital format is critical for the students.


Highscores, the SAT prep platform, has introduced an innovative format that aligns with the updated Digital SAT syllabus and exam structure. All the tools featured in new digital Sat are available on our platform.Let’s dive in and understand the new digital sat format of Highscores:



This is how a new digital sat screen will look like.


Directions: Students can easily access section-specific directions from any testing screen.


Timer: Get ready for a time alert! Students will have a testing timer that shows how much time is
left. Just like in actual sat exam, they can choose to show or hide the timer. Plus, there will be an alert when time is almost up.




Annotate: Students can highlight any part of a question and leave themselves a note.

To annotate a text:

1.    First you have to select the text.

2.    Then click on annotate button on top right corner of screen.

3.    Finally enter the text and click on save.



Cross out wrong answer choices:- You can easily eliminate incorrect answer choices for multiple-choice questions using our platform’s built-in feature, aiding in your preparation.



Mark for review: Students can flag any questions they want to come back to later.