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HighScores Platform February 2024 Release: Enhancing User Experience for Educators and Students

This release introduces several enhancements to the HighScores platform, aimed at improving the user experience for directors, teachers, and students. These updates are designed to streamline navigation, provide more control over content and assessments, and offer a more personalized learning experience.


Content Panels Rearrangement:


For All Users:
  • Content Panel Organization: The content panels for directors, teachers, and students have been reorganized for improved navigation and access to important features.

  • Static and Dynamic Panels: Five static panels are now set by default. Users can create additional panels by adding tags to the content, allowing for greater customization.


For Teachers and Directors:
  • Recently Attempted Assessments (Last 7 days): This panel displays assessments attempted by students in the last 7 days, enabling teachers to quickly review recent student performance. It helps teachers quickly monitor student progress and identify areas that may require additional attention.