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My Outcomes

Reviewing your outcomes is a great way to motivate yourself to improve constantly.

This also allows you to introspect yourself and work on your weaknesses.

Using this will also allow you to see the results of all the progress you have made on the platform; this helps you stay motivated and perform consistently.

From Profile, click on My Outcomes.

Overall Rank: Refers to the sum of all the scores you got across all the assignments, courses, and tests attempted.

My Progress: You may see your individual progress in Course/Test Series compared to the topper and average subjectwise.

Mental activity Summary: Displays the time period in which you have marked simultaneous correct answers.

First Question Matters: This shows how quickly you have answered first question after starting the test.

Accuracy: Displays the percentage of your accuracy while attempting the questions.

You may select the subject using the drop-down on the right side of the graph.

Strength & Weakness: The graphs show your strengths and weaknesses subjectwise. These are shown compared to the topper and the average. This overview helps you better understand which topics were complex and where you could have performed better.

Scores: This represents your scores in all the subjects, compared with the topper and all students.

Time wastage analysis: Displays the time wasted during attempting questions. Time wastage is calculated by giving more than the required time while solving a problem and getting it incorrect.

This graph displays the topic you’ve practiced and the count of those topics. You may select the subject from the drop-down menu.

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