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My Effort

Keeping a check on your efforts allows you to become more aware of your shortcomings, this allows you to maybe reorganise your time or the way of studying. This necessarily helps you to perform better with time

Click on your profile.

Click on My Efforts

This bar displays the overview of your progress in all the courses, and test series combined.

The overview is displayed by comparing your progress with the topper and the class average. This helps you better understand your position overall.

Total Attempts: Displays the total attempts you have made on the platform. Attempts refer to attempting assessments, taking courses, test series, etc.

Assessments: Displays your total assessment attempts, compared to average and topper.

Questions: Displays the number of questions you’ve attempted till now.

Average Marks: Displays the average marks accumulated throughout your learning and achieving process.

The graph below shows the time spent on the platform compared to Topper and the average.

The graph below shows and compares your efforts, i.e. The number of attempts you’ve made on each date. The graphs have been made comparing your stats with the topper and average.

These charts display your effort. Effort refers to the time spent on learning or practicing.

Learning means time spent studying on the platform, while Practice counts for time spent on attempting assessments, test series, assignments, etc.

The chart on the left displays the time spent learning, while the one on the right displays the time spent practicing and attempting questions.

Each color in the charts refers to a subject, the list of which is given below the charts

The chart on the left display the complexity of question and your answers compared to Topper and average.

Blue/green describes right/wrong attempts, respectively.

Yellow means missed refers to the question you may have missed while attempting, maybe because of time outs.

Red means skipped and refer to the questions you still need to attempt.

Purple means partial, used to refer to descriptive questions.

You may also change the subject using the drop-down.

The tables at right display the number of online sessions you participated in.

Group participation refers to your interaction with posts and posting comments available on your dashboard.

This graph shows the Question distribution based on the category of question, such as MCQs, FIB, Descriptive, Coding.

The color coding displays your answers in each category.

Persistence: Displays how often you’ve finished all your exams without abandoning or skipping them.

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