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Create a Curriculum

Curriculum refers to the lessons or academic content taught by educators or the contents in a specific course or program.

Curriculums are necessary to develop a roadmap towards the goal. Having a curriculum allows students to navigate through the topics to revise any specific part easily. It also assists the teachers/educators in developing an understanding of what comes next and preparing accordingly.

Creating a curriculum is extremely easy and efficient on highscore.ai.

Curriculum can be created in two different ways, i.e. manually by adding one topic at a time or by using the excel template to upload the curriculum as a whole.

The standard schema to follow while creating a curriculum is Program >Subject >Unit >Topic.

The first step towards creating a curriculum is by creating a program. For a curriculum to be created, the Program it’ll fall under should be created/should exist before the curriculum.

Creating a Program

Follow the Instruction below:


Assuming you’re already logged in and on Dashboard, click on your profile avatar at the top right corner of the page and select Administration from the drop-down menu.


Image – 1

Under Program, click Manage.


Click on Add Program in the top right corner of the screen.


Fill in the details:

  • Program Name: The program’s name should be unique; no two programs can have the same name.

  • Subjects: Add the subjects of your choice using the drop-down; multiple subjects can be added simultaneously.

  • Country: Select the Country.

Click on Add to finish.

Manually creating a Curriculum.

From Dashboard, click on your profile avatar at the top right corner of the page and select Administration from the drop-down menu. {Refer Image – 1}

Under Curriculum, Click on Manage.


Image – 2

Click on Add Subject.

Fill in the details:

  • Subject Name: Add the relevant name to the subject.

  • Subject Code: Enter a Unique code for this subject. The system will create a unique code for the subject if left blank.

  • Programs: Enter the names of the programs the subject falls under. Multiple programs can be added.

Click on Add to create a Curriculum.


You may only edit the subjects you’ve created in the curriculum.

Click on the subject to add units and topics.


Click on Add Unit and fill in the details.

Click on Add to add a unit.


To add any topic, select the unit and follow the steps:


Click Add Topic, and enter the details.

Click on Add to add the topic.

Creating Curriculum using Excel Template

1. Click on your profile avatar at the top right corner of the page and select Administration. {Refer Image – 1}

2. Under Curriculum, Click on Manage. {Refer Image – 2}

3. Click on Download Template (Refer Image – 3 point – 1)


Image – 3

4. Open the file in your system. Enter the details:

Program: Name of the Program. Note: The program should already exist.

Subject: Name of the subject. Note: Multiple subjects for one program can not be added in one column. Separate columns need to be created to do this. 

You may also add multiple units under one subject. You can only add those subjects which are available in the platform’s database.

Unit: Enter the unit’s name, which should coincide with the subject’s name.

You may add multiple topics under one unit. To do so, write the same unit name in the next row, followed by a different topic name.

Topic: Enter the topic’s name. It should coincide with the unit’s and subject’s names.

For instance, the subject’s name is Maths, the unit followed can be Algebra, and the subsequent topic could be Factorization.

5. Save the file on your system.


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